Contract Time

Want to play tennis on a fixed court and at a fixed time? GVRC offers tennis contracts that fit your schedule.

Contracts provide a great weekly workout and help keep you on top of your outdoor game year round. 

For more information, please call Catherine at 610-644-7772 or email





The 2017/2018 season runs from Monday September 11, 2017
through Sunday April 22, 2018.

Ask us about our 2017/2018 pro-rated contracts.  Call or email us at 610-644-7772 or

Make-up dates are as follows:

Thanksgiving Make-up: Thursday April 26, 2018
Christmas Eve Make-up: Sunday April 29, 2018
Christmas Day Make-up: Monday April 23, 2018
New Year’s Day Make-up: Monday April 30, 2018
Easter Sunday Make-up: Monday May 6, 2018